#SaveMisterFenris – his full story

About four years ago, when my fiance and I were still just boyfriend and girlfriend and living in the upstairs of his mom’s house, one of the porch-fed strays had kittens. Three of them to be exact: two girls and a boy. The calico got adopted almost immediately to a family friend, but before the mama cat became a permanent resident of the house, there were no more cats allowed inside. A pretty flexible rule, as can clearly be seen by “Maddie” eventually becoming a part of the family, but she and the two other kittens were to remain on the porch of the house already full of cats.

That was until the little tabby boy’s tendency to follow us around got him into trouble.

I was still playing Dragon Age II and was really stuck on the brooding elven warrior, Fenris, with his white hair and markings made of lyrium. If you clicked on the characters while they were in the party, they’d say different things. Fenris would often say (especially if you were involved romantically) “I enjoy following you.”

So when this tiny little tabby boy with dark fur and striking white facial markings started following me around the porch, I gave him that dialogue towards me. Told him if he were my kitty I’d call him Fenris.

He even has the same striking green eyes…but striking in a different, non-sexy way. You know, cos he’s a cat.

It wasn’t long before he started following us a little too far, into the driveway or, one day, to the street. And then into the street where my sister-in-law to be did something stupid by running after him. In all fairness, she was much more visible to the driver of the oncoming car she stopped than he would have been. Luckily they weren’t going very fast, probably because they saw a kid near the road. She begged me to bring him inside and, once we talked it over with their mother, I told her to give him a bath, bring me a litter box and I’d explain it to her brother when he got home.

Which I explained by texting that I was cheating and sending this picture.

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Head Games

No, not the Foreigner song. It was a Foreigner song, wasn’t it? If I look it up, it’ll just get in my head…kinda like Urgent is now, dammit. Funny how that works.pencil-918449_640

And funny how memories float to the surface if you churn the water deep enough. That’s a rather unsettling and, well, shallow (badun-chsh) metaphor, but it’ll do for now.

Little too much amble in my preamble, I apologize.

Anyway… Sometimes, when both my fiance and I are present to take his daughter back to her mom’s (from Ohio to West Virginia), we play this little game where we take turns telling scary/funny stories to pass the time. We were doing this a few days ago when I was reminded again of how we never do it quite the way I want to do it. Don’t get me wrong; it was fun. We even added new rules that those not telling the story got to dictate the place, a person and one thing that had to be worked into the story somehow. With George Washington’s ghost and a knife in an attic, things got weird fast, but it was also fun.

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Beetlejuice x3

My first exposure to Beetlejuice was as a kid and to the cartoon of the same name.

giphyIn the cartoon (which seems much creepier now than even its spooky theme), Lydia and “Beetlejuice” are pals and it is somehow in no way creepy that an older undead guy has any kind of fascination with a preteen girl, or that they go on adventures together where she is routinely alone with him. Regardless, this was a show I was encouraged to like and was gifted merchandise for. I even dressed up as “Beetlejuice” one Halloween, complete with a kid’s sized mask that snakes popped up on at the press of a squeeze tube apparatus thingie. I also had a talking pull-string doll (and one of Pee Wee Herman incidentally–oh, the 80s).

As I got a little older, I got my initiation into the big girl’s club by finally watching the movie. Even though this drastically changed the dynamic between, well…literally all parties and Betelgeuse, I was still on board and it quickly became one of my favorites, in rotation with other 80s staples.

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How 80s Fantasy (Still) Inspires Me



There was this VHS tape I had from childhood with a bunch of different 80s movies on it. You know, one of those things parents sit their kids in front of when they need to keep em entertained for a while. If memory serves, it had recordings of Charlotte’s Web, The Last Unicorn and this little gem right here-

There may have been others, but those are the three I remember most clearly…along with what I think was the first Care Bears movie. Who knows, that video tape might still be in my mom’s basement somewhere.

Either way, watching that video above will give you a pretty nice peek into my brain and the kind of stuff my novel is drawn from, as well as other fantasy pieces lost to time. The classic story of unlikely heroes fighting even unlikelier odds, all with appropriate amounts of 80s cheese, surprisingly dark for children’s entertainment.

Naraku-and-the-Shiko-no-Tama-naraku-11047938-500-375It’s a little different now with the gray area we occupy between light and dark, sometimes favoring shades of the latter. The lines are not so clearly drawn, and why should they be? No good villain (bit of an oxymoron there) is evil for the sake of evil…unless you count Naraku from InuYasha, but even then it’s to accomplish a specific aim.

Still, this period of cartoons and cinema really shaped my imagination. In those puffy white clouds passing impossibly high over my yard there dwelt a world I couldn’t see. But I could imagine castles floating overhead with denizens I could hardly conceive of.

At least until Thunderhead came to be, full of sprite mages and gods both benevolent and indifferent. The castle floats with the clouds it inhabits, gliding over the world for which it is the center of weather and sky. It is from this lofty perch Astra first witnesses directly the danger the Nothing Man poses to that world…and to his.

Such a brazen display where he had already blasphemed the gods with his own creations; surely that must be seen as a threat. And, yet, Astra is the only one sparked into action. This fledgling god who had so recently shirked much of his responsibility out of grief for his father, from whom it in turn had passed.

So if, even in its darkest moments, my fiction is full of silliness and puns (or vice versa) you can blame Hasbro and Henson and the rest of those wonderful creators who saw fit our media was chock full of both.

This Mortal Coil KP smaller-tiny

Sh!t That Scares Me


So I keep coming back to this idea of gathering all my horror stories into a collection of sorts and tossing it up on Amazon to see what happens.

The funny thing is (two, actually, but I’ll get to that) I don’t have all that many horror stories to collect, many still in progress.

You see, before the Wicked Library, I wasn’t a horror author. Sure, I’d written the occasional dark or scary story–my novel definitely has horror elements and its sequel is several shades darker–but I would have never characterized myself  as such. Partly because I believe I had a misconception of what horror was. Continue reading “Sh!t That Scares Me”

To Read/To Write 

Both of these lists are getting long.

And I mean CRAZY long, particularly the to-read part. Let’s see if I can even gather it together in a way that doesn’t make this page stretch to the equator.

I’d talk about each title at length, but it’s perhaps easiest (and most pleasing to the eye) if I just use visual representations aka the covers.

20180210_1254561793956764.jpgSo here’s my physical to-finish list. I only just recovered 3 out of 4 of these titles from being hidden in plain sight. Shit happens when you move stuff around in a room. I have more time to read now, so hoping this and those to follow can be knocked out a little quicker than my notoriously slow reading would normally allow.

screenshot_2018-02-12-16-54-24479176190.pngMany of these aren’t actually new, just newly downloaded to my tablet. Lucky Nelson, he appears on here twice! That’s his newest novel small and in the center there, which means it was the one most recently opened. A little too intense for bedtime reading, but that just tells you how visceral and scary it is.

The one with the fat spiders at the bottom is a freebie (I think) eBook from little fears. If you’re a fan of spooky flash fiction, do pay those funny little monsters a visit.

Shit, this barely touches my actual to-read list. Maybe I ought to focus on finishing what I’ve started. This would probably solve most of my problems, in all aspects of life.

I was about to close out this entry when I realized it’s called /To Write as well.

Well, I did sort of pick up where I left off on The Black Crow Flies, the sequel to This Mortal Coil, but I’ve sort of shelved it for now in favor of the game I’m writing for and my official Women in Horror Month project (besides this month’s Bleeders’ Digest, that is) my YA potential novella The Girl Who Knew Monsters. Hoping to have enough for a nice little sneak peek into that world to be featured in the upcoming Bleeders’ Digest. Maybe even some art as I’ve been known to do the occasional doodle. We shall see.

For now, I’m in Agon, smelting ore.

Video games. And I wonder where all that reading/writing time goes…

This Mortal Soundtrack, Pt III?

Map (10)I’ve had some difficulty picking up where I left off with the “soundtrack“.

I stopped in the middle of Part II to make a new Part II dedicated to Nocturne, Goddess of Night. I intended to return with Part III and what would be musical representations of how Astra (or maybe even Reinbert) relates to the other characters.

The problem? Not sure the only three songs I can come up with finish off our little soundtrack.

What they do accomplish is celebrating some of our more powerful female characters and, while only one really lends herself to such a title, it is Women in Horror Month.

So let’s start with the scariest.

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