Shedding the Stigma of Self-publishing 

This Mortal Coil KP way smallerIf I ever wanted a chance to get my novel traditionally published, I probably shouldn’t have ever self-published it. That and it could have done (and has) with a fair bit more editing than I was capable of at the time.

So why the return to self-publishing?

Well, apart from what I said above, I just don’t see why not. There are plenty of successful self-published authors. How successful? Well, I don’t know how they stack up, but they have sales and reviews, so…

And why shouldn’t I decide my own success?

I don’t mean to sound pompous or to demean traditional publishing–it’s obviously the preferred route provided one is patient enough with the process. But the entrepreneurial spirit of the Internet is alive in podcasts, music and YouTube for those who found other means of revenue to support them through the Ad-pocalypse. Why is it you can produce a show or put out an album independently but you can’t publish your own book without people sneering?

Just as many people think they can sing but can’t; think they are funny or entertaining and aren’t. The audience weeds out the garbage–and you don’t have to tell me Kindle Direct is full of garbage, much of it pornographic. Not that I necessarily have a problem with dinosaur or unicorn porn–I mean, who doesn’t love Chuck Tingle? If it’s well written and competently edited, each to their own.

So, that said, can we shed the stigma attached to self-published works?


Blood on the Page

Nothing so dramatic as that but, you know what they say. Those who cannot pod…write?


Well, either way, the new Bleeders’ Digest is up and I only wish I could have a podcast (although I’ve been working on one) let alone one as great as the ones I’ve covered.

I’m still new at this and learning the ropes, so please bear with the hiccups in the formatting. I’m sure John Clewarth‘s gloriously gory piece makes up for it.

The Ever-Turning Wheel 

Ooh, I cannot tell you how excited I am that Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen will be making its way to the PS4 (on my birthday!) this fall. I am anxious to recreate (yes, novel characters) Astra and Reinbert and actually be able to record their misadventures. I might have to make a whole YouTube series of it, or even stream a little.

Dragon’s Dogma just as a game is easily in my top 5 of all time. The art, locations, the enemies–the story. Add to that the pawn system and the ability to create such detailed characters that I am able to fairly accurately represent my boys… I don’t even have words for that. I must have sat here for a solid minute trying to figure out how to articulate how happy that makes me.

I’ve created my characters in other games (mainly Bloodborne) but I was never able to represent them so accurately. I look forward to revisiting this game (and Bitterblack Isle) with improved visuals and, of course, my guys. Will we see you (or, more accurately, your pawn) in Gransys?

Get to know my guys in their native habitat.

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This Mortal Soundtrack, Pt II

character profile through music alone probably isn’t enough to garner interest in a newbie’s debut novel. I should say a little more than what can be read in the description, I suppose. It’s all about having enough interest to click the link to look, right?
So, before I move on to one of my more troubled characters, I will say that our hero’s journey is one anyone on the other side of 25 or so will recognize.  Although a god, Astra is not infallible. He is young and flawed and misjudges and makes mistakes. There are times he thinks with his dick instead of his wit. Not to say he is stupid or disinclined to learn. He’s just new; naive. Often impetuous, and just a little angsty. Continue reading

The To-Do List

While I am a notoriously slow reader, writer and, well, just about everything else, I am knocking stuff off my (albeit growing) to-do list.

I’ve got my story completed for a flash fiction contest, the bones of a story plotted for a little more meaty submission and plan to start putting together my newsletter for the month. Really gotta step up my game what with the lovely contribution John Clewarth is making.

That indie game? Had my first conference call with the core team the other night. Turned in the first chunk of the main plot a little before that. Trying to squeeze in bits of the next chunk, but closer deadlines have been sneaking ahead in priority.

Somewhere in the tangled mess between sci-fi and horror lies the sequel to my dark fantasy novel. I’m sure Astra and Reinbert would prefer they take priority what with the dire straits I left them in but, enh, they’re used to it.

If you wanna pick up my original novel, I’m sure they’d appreciate that, too. Let them live in your head for a while. You can pick up the paperback here and the Kindle version here.

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That question I didn’t answer

As posted on Medium 6/6/171-dK6V6h-cMI4X9Oco0q5Xyw

As some of you may know, I just had an episode come out on the Wicked Library. And, if you didn’t, the above image just told you.

After hearing the post-story interview, I realized there was (at least) one question I veered off and didn’t answer. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was basically, why is my dark fantasy defined as such?

It’s actually much simpler than the tangent I wandered away on might suggest. My novels (which I intend to preview here, and soon) are dark fantasy because they take place in a high fantasy setting and have horror elements. That’s pretty much it.

I could spend more time on the personification of depression/mental illness I neglected to touch on from the story, but it’s probably self-explanatory.

I’ve actually only ever really dabbled in horror, until recently anyway. Saturate enough of it and I suppose you’re bound to start writing it yourself. As more pieces spark to life, I’ll be sharing some here as well as looking into more submissions. Also, be looking for my first novel to make its way back to Amazon, with print editions this time.

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