Art vs Artist: the eternal debate

We as humans elevate the experience of our short lives via art. The songs, stories and films we’ve created sometimes fool us into believing we’ve evolved beyond bigotry and cruelty. But, inevitably, someone reminds us this isn’t true by act or statement and it catches us off guard. Still, are we just pretending?

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A New Destination

crow flying above green grass field
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As we draw closer to the end of a decade, I am bidding farewell to my partners in it. That is to say I’m closing the final chapter of The Black Crow Flies and saying goodbye to the characters with whom I’ve shared trials and transformation, though nothing as dramatic as what I’ve put them through. Continue reading “A New Destination”

The Wheel of Ka

He called it “The Dark Tower Cycle” for a reason.

I remember hearing quite a few fans of the series decry the ending, as well as the last couple books as a whole. Some will even go as far back as Book V, cutting off the series at what I agree was the best book, Wizard and Glass.

Yeah, self-insertion is always self-indulgent, pretty much by default. But, whether the trauma of King’s near fatal accident was the impetus or not, there was kinda no dividing the author from this overarching work. I mean, it was practically inevitable, and he was self-deprecating enough to make it palatable. I think it’s worth noting also that this series was never not weird and arguably jumped the turtle in Book II when Roland was time-hopping around other people’s brains.

But I’m not here to talk about a series long since put to rest.

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