That question I didn’t answer

As posted on Medium 6/6/171-dK6V6h-cMI4X9Oco0q5Xyw

As some of you may know, I just had an episode come out on the Wicked Library. And, if you didn’t, the above image just told you.

After hearing the post-story interview, I realized there was (at least) one question I veered off and didn’t answer. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was basically, why is my dark fantasy defined as such?

It’s actually much simpler than the tangent I wandered away on might suggest. My novels (which I intend to preview here, and soon) are dark fantasy because they take place in a high fantasy setting and have horror elements. That’s pretty much it.

I could spend more time on the personification of depression/mental illness I neglected to touch on from the story, but it’s probably self-explanatory.

I’ve actually only ever really dabbled in horror, until recently anyway. Saturate enough of it and I suppose you’re bound to start writing it yourself. As more pieces spark to life, I’ll be sharing some here as well as looking into more submissions. Also, be looking for my first novel to make its way back to Amazon, with print editions this time.

Check me out on the Wicked Library, where you can confront some of your personal demons too.


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