Why We Need Horror 2.0: An Addendum 

Idle Hands was heavy because my mood was heavy at the time. I wrote another story called Survivor’s Guilt for another podcast that didn’t make it. Partly because the 500 word limit just wasn’t enough space to tell the story I wanted to tell–mostly because it was pretentious as hell. I’m afraid my post-story interview may have painted me this way as well.

The point is I realize horror is more than thinly veiled social commentary. It is, at its core, entertainment. Hence The Jólakötturinn, aka the least bloody tale on the Wicked Library‘s 2017 Christmassacre episode. Regardless, to take a step back and keep fun in mind was a step in the right direction.

As there is nothing new under the sun, this too is not a new realization. Even as we are all doomed to repeat the sins of our fathers (or, at the very least, our predecessors), proverbial and otherwise, I can recall a very special point in time when I was marathoning the Drabblecast and stumbled upon gems like Here There Be Monsters? and, as mentioned in Bleeders’ Digest #1Innsmouth of the South.

Now, it is not strictly a horror podcast, but many of the stories take on a darker tone. Like Hadleigh’s Monster from (where else?) the Wicked Library. Or, hell, my Jólakötturinn. Things that go bump in the night or threaten life and limb while the tongue sits firmly planted in cheek.

It takes more than a morbid sense of humor. Sometimes a little light can peek through the dark. It has to, or it’s all too grim. It provides a balance. The sun can’t shine all the time, but it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Cliché, I know. But even us jaded peekers into the dark have to lift our heads up sometime. And I mean more than on Halloween, when we can revel in the time everyone else joins us at the curtain between, however thin it may be.

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